I should chop the buggers off!

I’m referring to my legs.

The treatment I currently receive is designed to strengthen the bones with tumours in them. More specifically;

Bisphosphonates target the areas of higher bone turnover. The osteoclast cells absorb the bisphosphonate drug, which slows down their activity and reduces bone destruction.

There are several different types of bisphosphonates, and they each work slightly differently. Doctors are still learning more about the exact ways in which bisphosphonates work. We know that they can

  • Interfere with the formation of osteoclasts
  • Make osteoclasts self destruct, or die early
  • Change the signalling between osteoclasts and osteoblasts
  • Form a barrier between the bone and the osteoclast

Researchers have found that bisphosphonates can prevent or slow down the development of myeloma and secondary bone cancers in some people. Cancer cells appear to be attracted to an environment where bones are being broken down. Researchers hope that stopping this process could slow the growth of cancer and help people live longer, as well as reducing bone damage.

So to be fair, who am I to criticise? It’s all good, yeah?

No. It kicks like a mule. Big style.

The night and day following treatment are fucking mental with regards to aching. Nothing during my chemo was as bad as this. I ache, my legs stop working, my head pounds like a drum, my temperature fluctuates on a fairly epic level. It’s just shite. You know what? Wiping my bum hurts. Actually hurts.

Despite this, I managed to get out on the bike with ma soeur on Sunday. Very little mileage achieved, but it put a smile on our faces which can’t be a bad thing. Roll on L2B next week?

Sub 2 1/2 hours anyone?

Place your bets purlease…!

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