To the guy at work that line-manages me; a few things..

  • Telling a man who’s just had open heart surgery, chemo and been told that his cancer is incurable that you ‘have to look out for number one, so you’re on your own’ makes you a coward.
  • It also means that you lack integrity, compassion, bottle and the ability to lead
  • I took one big-style for you last year, and you never knew about it. A member of the SLT commented on your inability to manage a certain NQT effectively. I told him it was inappropriate to talk to me about it, and when he pushed the matter, I told him to fuck off and not test my loyalty. That is what being part of a team means.
  • You and I have talked at length about our respective childhoods – how your old man abandoned you and your mother, and how you were different.

Really? Honestly? Or maybe a chip of the ole block eh?

When I look in the mirror, I see a scared but determined meathead, who pisses folk off sometimes but would never sell anyone out to get up the ladder.

I wonder what you see?

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